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Since 1996

    Welcome  Deidreamers

Welcome to Deidreamers Jewelry! 

Deidreamers Brand was established in 2015 branching out from CKR Silver Inc.

CKR  was established in 2010 as a manufacturer of fine silver jewelry in New Jersey.

The owner-designer started his own jewelry manufacturing in NYC in 1996 with precious metals only for wholesalers in all major states in the US.


However, In 2010 the company decided to cut the middlemen's-cost to give more affordable prices to our end customers the highest quality silver jewelry that is made in the USA and established CKR SIlver Inc.


Hope you can enjoy all the best-made hand-polished individual true precious silver products!

Any questions or comments are welcome and let us know if you have any ideas to make anything better!

Thank you for your support!

Judy & Dave

Welcome to Deidreamers Jewelry


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