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About deidreamers

~ Jewelry for dreamers and lovers ~


Deidreamers believes that small treasures can bring great joy.

Deidreamers is a new brand by CKR Silver with expertise in fine jewelry manufacturing since 1996. With exclusive techniques, master jewelers, and beauty-inspired designers, Deidreamers is focused on producing the finest quality of jewelry, one that you will never want to take off. 

More than aesthetics, Deidreamers wants to create jewelry with the power to tell a story.

We want to create designs that speak volumes to each consumer and styles that reveal more than what meets the eye.

All of our pieces are handmade and hand-polished in the USA.


A little gift will always brightens one's day.

Our philosophy at Deidreamers is all about bringing happiness to our customers.

© 2019 by Deidreamers, Website by Matthew Hazell 

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